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Whether you’re starting fresh or want to scale an existing account, we can help you increase your followers and profits. Anassa Media has helped countless influencers earn thousands of dollars in their first month. 

Our round-the-clock live engagement hyper-growth approach empowers you to amass likes and followers on Instagram, OnlyFans, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook, provided you follow your content schedule.

Our dedicated sales team provide round-the-clock, 24/7, 365-day coverage for your OnlyFans chat interactions, ensuring prompt and attentive responses to all inquiries and subscriber interactions.

Our Networking & Event Management service opens doors for our models to connect with peers and access exclusive events, expanding their opportunities and visibility in the industry. 

With our Content Protection & Removal Service, we provide a shield against leaked content, swiftly removing any unauthorized material, we will submit the DMCA request on behalf of our Models.



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Complete our application form, so we can understand how best to support you.

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Talent Agreement

Once your application is approved, review and sign the Model Talent Agreement. 

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Access & Onboarding

Follow our onboarding process & provide account access so that we can begin.

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It’s time to start maximizing your earnings with our dedicated support and expertise.

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Whether you're embarking on a new journey or seeking to elevate your current online presence, Anassa Media is here to empower you to grow your follower base and boost your earnings. Our OnlyFans management agency has been instrumental in supporting numerous influencers in achieving impressive income within their initial month.

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We’re proud to offer an Affiliate Program which turns your connections into cash! REFER A MODEL and we will PAY YOU 10% of our management fee every single month, FOR LIFE!

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What type of content do I have to create?

At Anassa Media, you have the creative freedom to produce the content that aligns with your personal style and preferences. Our diverse community includes creators with a range of content approaches, all of whom have the potential to earn. We take pride in our professional and reputable operation, ensuring your protection and success. That's why, if you join our team, you'll benefit from content removal partnerships to safeguard your online presence.

How much can I make with an OF account?

Let's illustrate this with real-world examples. One creator with 2,300 Instagram followers made $800 USD by sharing 6 Instagram stories over a month. In contrast, another creator, starting with 4,000 followers, consistently posted daily stories with us and earned an impressive $5,000 USD in her first month. It's clear that producing a higher volume of content translates to increased sales and earnings.

Can I do this anywhere in the world?

Certainly, we have models from diverse corners of the globe participating in this program. Our company operates internationally, so whether you're based in Europe or Australia, we can effectively manage your account and ensure timely payments from anywhere you choose.

Why do I need a management agency?

Many creators typically reach around $1,000 a month and then see a plateau. However, with a management service, you have a dedicated team actively generating daily sales. This means that the $1,000 can transform into $20,000 per month, allowing you to focus on capturing great moments, exploring exciting locations, and showcasing your beauty, without the added work.

What's the management fee and how do I get paid?

Yes, we take a management fee, you can head to our Management Fee's page to view all our pricing. You are paid weekly, we have a processing account which will automatically deduct our Management Fee and transfer you your earnings.

What if I don’t have an OnlyFans account?

If you don't have an OnlyFans account, you will need to reach out to our support team to see if you meet our minimum requirements.